Plumeria Blossoms


Tropical Plumeria blossoms in white with bright yellow centers.

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As I was walking around Lauderdale by the Sea looking for inspiration I spotted a Plumeria tree. The sunlight was brilliant against the top plumeria blossoms and the rest of the cluster was in shadow. I did a pencil sketch in a small sketchpad to get the basic composition for the painting of the tropical flowers.

The next step was a value sketch done in grey markers shown below


From that point I decided to paint on a 2.5 inch raised panel. This is hung on the wall without a frame and has a more comtemporary look and feel to it. The flowers almost look like they they are in the room because they are sitting several inches off the wall.

Plumeria blossoms, 8" x 10" oil on raised panel, ©2017 PJ Cook

Plumeria Bossoms

  • Size:8″ x 10″
  • Medium: oil on 2.5 inch raised panel
  • Genre: Floral

Painted and signed by the artist in 2017.

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