Aqua Beach Cruiser Watercolor


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Aqua beach cruiser bicycle leaning against a palm tree are featured in this latest watercolor Aqua Afternoon. Who wouldn’t want to ride a bicycle to the beach and take a dip in the aqua colored ocean?


An afternoon at the beach is relaxing. What better way to arrive at the beach than on a beach cruiser the color of the ocean water.

I like the variety of color in the palm trees and plants near the sandy beach. From golden palm fronds to cool viridian green leaves, there is quite a color variety.

Aqua Afternoon

Genre: Seascape

Media: watercolor on Arches paper

Size: 14″ x 10″


Aqua Afternoon, 14 x 10 watercolor, beach and bicycle painting.

Artist Notes: This seascape painting is an original work of art by PJ Cook. Original watercolor is 14″ x 10″ size. Professional materials used throughout. Signed by the artist PJ Cook front and back. The original painting is sold unframed and will fit into a ready-made picture frame. Thank you for your interest in my original art and please contact me with any questions.

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